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Contract Opportunity - Posted 7/22/2019

Introduction to DASNY

The Dormitory Authority State of New York (DASNY) is a public benefit corporation of the State of New York empowered by Titles 4 and 4-B of the Public Authorities Law (the “Act”), to provide design and project management services, and to issue its bonds, notes and other obligations, for a wide variety of public purposes. Under the Act, DASNY provides a multitude of services in various forms in connection with the design, construction and financing of capital facilities for State University of New York, including dormitories and educational facilities; City University of New York Senior Colleges; Community Colleges; Boards of Cooperative Educational Services; Cities and Counties with respect to Court Facilities and combined occupancy structures, as defined by law; the Department of Education of the State of New York with respect to certain facilities under its jurisdiction; other State and local governmental entities; independent colleges and universities; facilities for the aged; certain not-for-profit hospitals and nursing homes, as well as a wide variety of other not-for-profit organizations specifically described in the Act.



DASNY seeks cost estimates for the development and delivery of a training workshop for design and construction project managers.

The training consultant will work with DASNY’s Training Coordinator and subject matter experts to further define and develop a workshop that targets two specific job titles: Design Project Manager (DPM) and Construction Project Manager (CPM). There is a strong interdependent relationship between those who serve in this capacity. It is DASNY’s goal to design a workshop that defines and sets expectations of the duties of each role, and codifies and clarifies the differences in the duties. Additionally, the purpose is to provide an environment where DPMs and CPMs can establish project management plan, including project strategies, that can be used collaboratively during the life of a project to ensure client and customer needs are fulfilled. By the end of the workshop, the intent is to have set the stage for creating a successful partnership between the DPMs and CPMs, and to have provided additional tools for those partnerships that are already working well. The current workshop outline consists of a opening session will all in a single room, breakout group work for core work, and a closing session bringing all back together again.

The workshop will be one-day in length. Approximately sixty (60) people will be in attendance. DASNY will take care of all logistics (venue, equipment, materials, etc.).


Key Dates

Cost Estimates and Proposals Due                                                                      8/31/19

Training firm selection                                                                                         9/15/19

Workshop Delivery                                                              November/December 2019


Information to be Provided by Proposers

The following is a list of required information that must be provided by the proposer.

Provide your response in the same order in which it is requested using numbered side tabs that correspond with each of the numbered tabs below. Your technical proposal must contain sufficient information to assure DASNY of its accuracy.

  1. Include a cover letter with the following items:
    • The name, title, telephone number, fax number and email address of the individual within your firm who will be DASNY’s primary contact.
    • The identities of the primary staff proposed to provide services.
    • The cover letter must be signed by the individual(s) authorized to bind your firm contractually.
  1. Provide a description of your firm’s organization, team makeup including sub-consultants (if applicable) and the resumes of key staff proposed to provide services to DASNY, with particular emphasis on classroom group training courses the firm has provided.
  2. Provide a description of your firm’s experience providing similar services including recent relevant project experience. Include the names, titles and phone numbers of at least three (3) references excluding DASNY employees and a summary of the services provided.
  3. Provide a description of your firm’s approach to providing the requested scope of services.
  4. Provide a cost proposal or fee structure for the delivery of the workshop. Include any additional costs associated with conducting training sessions (e.g. travel, printing, training materials, etc.)


Submission of Proposals

All proposals must be received by August 31, 2019. Submissions can be sent to:

Liz Moran, Training Coordinator


515 Broadway

Albany, NY 12207