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Our ability to sell our ideas or inspire others to embrace change is largely dependent upon our ability to communicate our message clearly. To be convinced, listeners must see evidence that supports the message. They must hear, feel and believe what we are communicating. Adding this one formula will make you a more impactful presenter. […]

FREE WEBINAR! These are unprecedented times. With so many companies asking their employees to work from home, mangers across all industries are reeling to quickly to adapt their workflows. After the immediate tactical decisions have all been made and working remotely becomes the ‘new normal’, your leaders and human resource staff will soon face additional […]

In today‚Äôs push to reopen, engaging talent is more critical than ever. Communicating with employees who are stressed, overwhelmed, and unsure requires reaching them when they are receptive to information. Savvy human resource departments and trainers are harnessing the power of surprise-and-delight initiatives to break through the noise, to reassure, rebuild, and re-engage employees so […]