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As we continue to see churn in the workplace through retirement and greater mobility of the workforce, it is increasingly imperative to ensure that the explicit and tacit knowledge of the workforce remains within the organization.  This interactive program will give participants tips and  proven practices for enhancing employee’s full knowledge of your business while […]

Technology continues to fundamentally change our work environment.  We hear a lot about things such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and increasingly on how artificial intelligence will change the workplace.  In this workshop, you will gain a basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence.  You will also learn about the AI Center of Excellence and the resources […]

Peer learning is an increasingly popular approach to learning and development in organizations. This workshop is an opportunity to learn new L&D skills and competencies through the power of peer-learning. In this workshop, a select number of Capital Region ATD professionals have volunteered to share their current L&D challenges, the thinking that led them to […]