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Friendly Consulting: Peer Learning Workshop for Modern L&D

Friendly Consulting: Peer Learning Workshop for Modern L&D

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Peer learning is an increasingly popular approach to learning and development in organizations. This workshop is an opportunity to learn new L&D skills and competencies through the power of peer-learning.

In this workshop, a select number of Capital Region ATD professionals have volunteered to share their current L&D challenges, the thinking that led them to their current situation, and the way in which they expect to solve their issues. Everyone else become members of a “friendly consulting pod”. Through dialog, alternative solutions are developed for the “client”. Through this process everyone expands their L&D experiences.

This workshop uses the Friendly Consulting approach to peer-learning. It provides a structured, responsive, and supportive environment to get feedback, insight, and advice from colleagues and peers. It was developed by professor Jonathan Gosling and used in high end Master’s of Management programs around the world.

In this session, learners will:

  • Draw on participants’ personal experiences of the practice of L&D to provide insight and possible solutions.
  • Gain insight into some of your own current L&D issues by helping others with theirs.
  • Benefit from the support of peers.

Phil LeNir is president of CoachingOurselves but thinks he is still just an electrical engineer working on the incredibly complex challenge of helping organizations develop their leaders. He co-founded CoachingOurselves with Henry Mintzberg after adapting Henry’s ideas on management education for use directly in his place of work.

Phil LeNir has a Masters in International Management and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. Prior to CoachingOurselves, Phil held senior management positions in software firms specializing in speech recognition during which he developed a patent in speaker verification systems. Phil has authored numerous articles on leadership development and even one on a novel multithreaded computer architecture. He wrote a book on social and informal learning for management development which, much to Phil’s surprise, has done well in Japan.


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