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From Silent Bystander to Inclusive Trainer

From Silent Bystander to Inclusive Trainer

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We are living at an inflection point in our country and in our organizations. People of color are being more negatively impacted by COVID-19; we have witnessed the recent murders of African American women and men including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery among many others; and the protests in the streets in the United States and around the globe are calling on all people and organizations to take action. 

It is no longer enough to remain neutral or a silent bystander. As trainers and leaders in our organizations and communities, we have seen and experienced the exclusions and biases that are systemically embedded in our systems. This is our call to action to create an inclusive and safe enough spaces for those in the organizations we serve. 

In this session we will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the differences between compliance, diversity, inclusion, and equity. 
  • Explore the mindsets and thinking driving behaviors that lead to biases in our interactions. 
  • Identify actions and commitments you can take to create a more inclusive space where everyone can feel safe enough to participate and speak up.

About the Speakers:

Melissa Nunez
Melissa is a former Capital Region Troy resident prior to relocating to Orlando, FL. She joined The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. (KJCG) as an Associate Consultant in 2017 and has provided Organizational Development consulting services to the a wide range of clients including those in manufacturing, healthcare, education, financial services as well as partnering with them on strategic culture change and strategic planning. Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Ithaca College and is also a previous member of the Board of Directors of the Capital Region ATD.

Alicia Simmons
Alicia L. Simmons, a native Detroiter, grew up with three generations in one house. This family environment taught her how to hear, understand, and respect the thoughts and opinions of others, even if there is disagreement.
She built her career primarily in political campaigns and issue advocacy organizations. After working in several toxic environments, Alicia decided to become a different type of change agent. She came to the conclusion that the best way to serve these organizations is to help them overcome the internal issues that hinder them from achieving their worthy causes and missions.
Alicia is a change management/Organization Development consultant for non-profit, for-profit and government organizations. She is also an experienced and proficient coach.
Alicia is a facilitator and committee member for the Organization Development Network’s Welcome Group program and teaches a monthly inner-city youth empowerment series. Alicia resides in Washington, DC.
She holds a Bachelor of Science from Eastern Michigan University in Political Science and a Master of Science in Organization Development degree from The American University.

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