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Mindful Workplaces: Improve Relationships, Morale and Job Effectiveness

Mindful Workplaces: Improve Relationships, Morale and Job Effectiveness

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Mindfulness is a practice that can have many positive effects on employees in the workplace. The benefits of being more mindful, or present in a given moment, include a reduction in stress, the ability to pause and think before responding, and overall feelings of gratitude and well-being. Beginning a personal mindfulness practice, and learning how to be more mindful at work helps to foster empathy, self-awareness and an increased ability to focus and pay attention.

During this sessions, participants will learn:

  • how mindfulness changes the shape and the wiring of the brain which leads to more adaptive responses to stressful situations
  • mindfulness practices that can easily be incorporated throughout the work day
  • how to develop a positive, supportive work culture where employees are happier, healthier and more engaged

As the CEO of Building Better Futures, LLC, Jennifer is a Trainer, Coach and Motivational Speaker with the mission to empower people to live their best lives. Jennifer works in both the corporate and the education arenas, where she shares evidence-based strategies to improve leadership capacity, build effective teams, increase employee wellness, and meet the social and emotional needs of behaviorally challenging students.

Jennifer is a certified trainer in DiSC Work and Communication Styles, EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness Coaching, and Restorative Practices. Jennifer uses all of these tools to help businesses improve their bottom line by retaining the staff in which they have invested time and resources, by increasing engagement and by creating a positive work culture where people enjoy coming to work every day. Inevitably, attendance and productivity increase, relationships between managers and employees improve, and the business soars.


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