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Understand Bias. Coach Potential: Engage, Motivate, and Retain Talent

Understand Bias. Coach Potential: Engage, Motivate, and Retain Talent

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There is a direct link between organizational results and the ability to engage, motivate, and retain talent. Imagine the impact on results if everyone—from your front- line workers to your executives—could say, “I am a valued member of a winning team doing meaningful work in an environment of trust.”

We invite you to join this experience as we share the latest solutions around unconscious bias and coaching potential.

  • Explore how organizational results are sub-optimized by unconscious bias, and how understanding bias can be leveraged to improve employee engagement.
  • Discover the inseparable link between coaching and retention and how this correlation is often overlooked as a critical leadership skill.

About the Speaker:

Marché Barney is a skilled leadership coach who has been a FranklinCovey consultant for 12 years. She loves the opportunity to live her personal mission of encouraging and empowering people to actualize their greatest potential. Before coming to FranklinCovey, she worked for a major health system in Atlanta as a manager of employee retention. Marché is often told that her style of delivery takes what participants thought would feel mechanical and makes it easier to understand and execute in the real world. She holds a B.A. in mass communications with a journalism focus, is certified through the International Coach Federation, and has been trained through the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara.


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