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Member Spotlight

The Capital Region Association for Talent Development (CRATD) spotlights a member each month to highlight some of the great talent and support that is a part of our local organization.  Check out some of the great local professionals below.

Denise Mallow - September 2018

Denise Mallow, PHR, SHRM-CP has been a Member of Capital Region ATD since 2001.  She spent 15 years as a Member of the Board of Directors, served two 2-year terms as President and held several other positions on the board through her tenure.  Denise Chaired our Annual Conference Committee for two years and has won both the HMATD Training Team of the Year award as well as Trainer of the Year.  Denise is now the Chief Human Resource Officer for TCT Federal Credit Union located in Saratoga, Washington and Warren Counties.

How did you come to join CRATD?

In 1999 I made the decision to move my career from training physicians and hospitals on how to work with a local health insurance company, to Training & Development under the HR umbrella.  My manager at the time was a phenomenal trainer who took me under her wing.  The first thing she did was introduce me to the American Society for Training & Development.  Next, she sent me to Washington DC for a certification program with Achieve-Global and then to Dallas for my first ASTD International Conference.  That was it for me, I’d finally found my calling!  A year later in 2000 I received an invitation to the Hudson Mohawk Chapter of ASTD’s “Trainer’s School”.  I had not realized there was a local chapter until the invitation came in.  I attended the conference and was so energized by the presenters and award winners that I made the decision to join that day.

How do you feel CRATD has helped you in your career?

Once I made the decision to join the chapter, I approached a few of the people whom I’d met at the conference and asked how I could get involved.  I wanted to learn everything I could from them.  I was looking for mentors and they were happy to help.   I was comfortable training the physicians and hospitals on information that I was familiar with, however I knew I had a lot to learn about the Training and Development industry if I was going to be successful.  They invited me to the annual open Board Meeting at which time I got involved as the Presenter’s Chair for the next annual conference.  That single volunteer decision was probably the turning point in my career.  It allowed me to reach out to area and national training professionals and build relationships, many of which have lasted through today.  I’ve had the honor of learning from each of them.  Later I was able to build on my organizational, team building and leadership skills when I took over as Conference Chairman.  I grew and learned from each one of my years on the Conference Committee.  When I was elected President of the Board, I was very aware of the fact that once again I was in uncharted territory for me.  I built strong relationships with veteran Board Members so that I could truly learn the history and decision-making processes that they had used in the years prior to my coming onboard. Understanding where we had been was critical to making decisions about our future. Once again, I was able to hone in on my team building and leadership skills as the Board continued to turn over during my 15-year tenure.  Ultimately, attending the chapter events and networking with HR and Learning & Development Professionals throughout the Capital Region, Central NY, Western NY and NYC and surrounding states expanded my network of contacts resulting in numerous job opportunities and professional growth for me.

Do you have a favorite author?

I read a lot and have several author’s that I love.  I have to say though that my all-time favorite is still Stephen Covey.  I first listened to his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People when I was on the road traveling across the state when I was working in health insurance.  From that point on, I have really tried to live by those principals in both my professional and private life.

What drives you?

Helping people be the best version of themselves.  Whether I’m facilitating a training program, coaching an employee or even raising my family, my end goal remains the same.

What advice do you have for up and coming training professionals?

  • Never stop learning – wake up every day with a curiosity to learn something new!
  • Get involved with CRATD, volunteer, network and learn through your experiences!
  • Listen with purpose – in the words of Covey – Seek first to understand…
  • Love what you do and do what you love, and this will never feel like a job!
  • Take care of you! You can only be effective if you are the best version of YOU!

Any final thoughts about your experience with CRATD?

The beauty of CRATD is that we as training professionals are always willing to share knowledge and mentor others. CRATD provides us the opportunity to make that happen.  I’ve had the absolute honor to have been mentored by some of the best learning and development professionals in the country, some of which live in our backyard.  In turn, I’ve tried to be there for those that have asked for my insight.  ATD and CRATD is a wonderful support system for anyone in the HR and Talent Development Professions.  In today’s business environment, where priorities are changing at an unprecedented rate, we need to have all the tools necessary at our fingertips to support the transfer of knowledge.  It’s always been reassuring to me to know that I have developed a network of experts through ATD and CRATD who I could turn to for tools, advice and ideas when I had a project I needed to move forward.  I am extremely grateful for the experiences and connections I’ve made over the past 19 years.